Where is the best place to go beyond Morocco?

You may not have known, there is no good answer for that.

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa…so much unique experience making you very busy.
If you find the time to travel to this country I suggest a minimum of 1month stay or going back again and again for shorter periods (actually it is within easy reach from Europe). The reward is an exciting mix of traditional and modern lifestyle … an immersion into another world. It’s challenging, exhausting, frustrating and also full of joy, awe, wonder, and treats… but it is worth for this photogenic and colorful country!

Everyone will find what he or she is dreaming of: Berber and Arab culture, imperial and colonial history, physical activities in varied landscape (trekking in the desert, hiking in the breathtaking mountains), superb food (vegetarian and vegan as well), relaxation (hammam), festivals, gregarious people… and sometimes time travel too.

If you are trying to work out where to go in Morocco, let’s see our second trip's picks (first one was TangierFez)! Find an inspiration from this itinerary:


1. Algeciras (Spain, Europe) - Tangier MED (Morocco, Africa) 

Getting there: Ferry - TransmediterraneaBaleàriaFRS, run every 2 hours. You can book your ticket online or buy at the port. Price are the same (in the actual terminal not by travel agencies). Roundtrip tickets cost 31,50 euros per person. 
Travel time: 1 hour 30minutes. Please be prepared for delays! Ferries are unreliable in terms of departures. 
Make sure your passport is stamped on the ferry and the entrance form filled out. 
Morocco is 1hour behind Spain in spring and summer, 2hours in autumn and winter.

2. Tangier MED - Tangier

Getting there: ALSA Bus (I16 Tanger MED – Mellousa). Price: 7Dirhams. This local bus stops outside the port, little bit hard to find it unless you know where it is. Do not hesitate to ask the staff of tourist information. 
Travel time: 45 minutes.
Other options? Train 4 times a day. Taxi around 300Dhs. Rent a car.

3. Tangier - Marrakech (4days)

Getting there: Train. Price: 205-350Dhs.
Travel time: 10 hours with overnight train (22pm-8am).
Sleeping berths and couchettes can be sold out easily because there is only one sleeper wagon. Unfortunately, you cannot book any ticket outside the country. You have to go to the station to pay for it. In the worst case you get a seat rather than a bunk bed. Train travel is affordable (even first class), comfortable, fairly fast and reliable. Worth it! Trains between the major cities easily the best option.

Important: Tanger Ville closed temporarily while they work on the new high-speed line (LGV). Trains depart from Tanger Moghogha.

You can’t avoid riding a taxi in Morocco. There are 2types of them:

Petit Taxi the small ones, take only 3passengers at once. The color depends on the city. They have meters, but some drivers pretend to forget using them, so always ask to run it. Prices are reasonable.

Grand Taxi called Morocco’s collective taxis travel with 6 passengers. They are usually big old Mercedes cars, used as shared long distance rides. This type of cab does not have a meter. Ask locals about the normal price and arrange it before getting inside the car. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! If the price seems still too high, walk away.

Petit Taxis in Marrakesh

4. Marrakech - Essaouira (2days)

Getting There: Bus - Supratours (operates by ONCF the national rail carrier) or CTM.
Travel time: 2hours 30minutes. Price: 70-100 Dhs. Try to buy tickets in advance to avoid getting stuck.

5. Essaouira - Casablanca (1day)

Getting There: CTM Bus.
Travel time: 7hours Price: 145Dhs.

6. Casablanca - Rabat (2days)

Getting There: Train. Travel time: 1hour Price: 35Dhs (2nd class). If you book first class you can get a seat reservation.

7. Rabat - Tangier 

Getting There: Train. Travel time: 4hours Price: 95Dhs

Tangier MED

Perfect itinerary? We have planned 3 trips, but there is much more, so will see…