Who am I?

We see things as we are, we do not see things as they are.

My home is wherever we are. I want to enjoy all destinations the most responsible way as possible. Exploring sustainable practices. Adopting and promoting them. Get involved and give back. I like meeting people, see how they live, what is happening with them. Get to know more about history, culture in social and economic aspects... the values and behavior of the individuals. Take a walk through the streets/trails and see what the place is about, what makes it as it is. Understanding, respect and learning. 

Amateur. Autodidact.
I shoot what I think beautiful, interesting and meaningful. I try to let my feelings and intuition lead me. Most things just happen. I would like to develop my own visual language. Showcase the ordinary, the things we ignore and the things we miss. Capture the life how I see it.
This is my way to explore the world around me.

Vegan. (occasional vegetarian)
Well, I have never ever loved to eat meat! So I decided to stop doing it.
If I want to be honest at that time I had a lot of more reasons too, beside “Vegan is delicious!”
1. health,
2. environment,
3. animal rights…
I'm not saying you should be a vegan. Somebody is a meat eater and somebody is not, you need to feel it and do the right thing. In a responsible way!

and here we are…
Disappointment in our food system is kind of motivation to eat more responsible.
Looking for new recipes, new methods, new vegetables, fruits or “new superfoods” what I can adopt into my kitchen.
buy Local;
I try to buy everything from local farmers who are living in the close neighborhood. 
Pesticide free, sustainable and socially responsible food purchases is my aim everywhere at anytime.

Handmade; Art. Design.
like supporting local artists, designers by buying their handmade products (if I really need them) to endorse their local economy and community.

do Yoga.
my everyday balance.

Do not hesitate... creating a sustainable lifestyle, whatever who you are. So, this is it, this is about: 
Green living, sustainable lifestyle decisions.
Do less get more done...