A look back on the road, a look forward

I find it beneficial to look briefly at the year just past and welcome a new one. I know timing could be strange, but for me this is the right moment to remember. We are after New Year, Chinese New Year - Spring Festival (new moon), Carnival and my birthday is on the corner. So everything is together to stop for a moment, breathe and spend time to assess on all the things that I have learned and all the purposes that I have achieved. I prepared again an end of year photo essay of my award winner photos from 2015. A photographic adventure of my main travels:

Marrakesh, "Red City"



La Línea de la Concepción



Bollullos de la Mitación, SkydiveSpain

Alvor, SkydiveAlgarve

So much happened, I can say. Experienced, seen and tasted a lot. Lost ways, found new ones. Appreciate all the small things, moments. Now I start to look forward…