Every image has a story behind it

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by photographs. What I see in them is the magical ability to capture incredible little moments and details in a specific mood. Open a window into other parts of the world at different times.

I look at photography as a lifelong passion. I’ve always wanted to take photos, but to be honest in my childhood it had given me anxiety for a long time. Trying to please others can direct you in the wrong direction. I never really dared to follow my inspiration that drove me to be behind a camera. I was being extremely critical with myself too so I thought photography is something unreachable for me. When digital cameras arrived I got bigger space from misunderstandings and judgments. Shooting for pure joy became a huge thing for me. Helped me overcome my fears and challenge myself to push inner boundaries as far as I could go.

There is an insatiable desire in me to explore with a camera in my hand. To document a fleeting moment that encapsulates the soul of that time. I’m an autodidact non-professional who is still learning how to properly use a camera. As cliché as it sounds, it lets me simply take pictures without too much fuss. As I stroll through, I’m able to sort thoughts about myself as a person, as well as the things affect my life. I try to let my intuition lead me, alone with my instincts. Ultimately it all comes down when I quash ego by clearing out any distractions. Just be there. Like a meditation. Live and breathe. For me all that matters. The final image what I can share is a representation of these complex processes.

What I love in photography is the opportunity to get a mirror into myself. Thanks to its connection to the past in the present, I am able to follow back who I was, what I felt, how far I came. We are constantly changing, so our view. I can’t take the same image tomorrow like I do today. Photography is a once in a lifetime sighting. I bring myself in all the time unconsciously. The most general reason is that I shoot to take notes of those moments that pushing me along paths. It helps me appreciate more what I have and inspire change where needed. Small details become an expressions of little secrets about me. Representation of experiences, moods and expectations of future. This is the way how an ordinary view of a building creates mystery and questions. It’s like you’ve got to look at it and try and put the pieces together. In the end you get your own truth. It could be it is the same or close to mine, but sometimes it is very far away. It’s ok.

My photos are the ones I had not planned on getting. I don’t chase them, they find me in unexpected moments and ways.

I've always had a sense of adventure. A craving to immerse myself in cultures that were so different from my own. I found inspiration much easier when I was escaping. So in the beginning it made sense to simply start to explore my own visual language by capturing snapshots from different parts of the world. Little by little change came.
As I’m always longing for freedom, independence, fulfillment and experiencing more I have lived my entire life on the move. When you’re approaching a country for the first time you have a little bit of anxiety and fear, because there’s a ton of unknown. As soon as I step up it’s like pure joy, despite the extra mental challenges I’m facing with my lifestyle choice. Taking a breathe in a completely new atmosphere is what makes me feel alive and happy. This is my road to photography and many more travels began. It took some time to realize that I am not trying to escape from anything, but going on journeys of discovery. To get out of comfort zone, to get closer to life and myself. I started to look at life in a personalized way and I realized the world is my home without labels. I’m living the best way I know how. That was the time when I began to find inspiration outside my first time travel experiences. I recognized how fast days go, so I decided to see and appreciate underestimated things in a different way.

Today I find myself drawn to all the senses of life and all the little details, moments that turn everyday journey into a unique experience. I use my photography to bring greater awareness to living. Excepting normal things as a cause of happiness. Showcasing the ordinary, the things we ignore and the things we miss. Capturing life how I see it, how a place makes me feel on different days. This has become my way to explore the world around me.

I want to see that what I can create is not just a record but an interpretation of what I find. In the end those photos help to get my own realistic view of the place and culture I encounter. Looking into my lens changes my perception of the world and living. I observe it, delving right in it, feeling it, questioning everything I see. I am learning the art of patience and leaving what I thought I knew behind me. Forget what seems obvious. I experience countries before trying to understand them.

Photography forces me to look around and brings me to experiencing a place in fully consciously. It was only later that I realized what this project meant to me. The moment I capture is even more meaningful than the photograph. Living them to appreciate our life and the planet. Revealing advantages, disadvantages, possibilities and opportunities of different places. My aim is to see as much on this planet as I can during my lifetime before we ruin it irreversibly as we keep ignoring environmental pollution. When it comes to photography I like whatever it has to do with liveability. We steadily create and change. Places have their unique ways of doing things, this subject matter is really compelling for me. You could go into every minute and see something new every single moment you hit. Everything teaches or\and represents something about liveability. "Do Less Get More Done" is a personal project for me where I preserve details of my own journey on this path.

I would like to keep improving and work more on developing creative photography content in the future. In this regard, I constantly find myself evolving my personal style. I try to convey the mood or story what I felt in that moment of taking pictures. Photography certainly taught me a life lesson about doing what I love regardless of what others may think. Nowadays I can’t imagine my life without traveling and taking pictures, because they are exactly what I always wanted to do. They made me who I am. Through these travels my experiences continue to shape my life and my journey.

The images are from my first visit to Macau (2016). I took them within 48hours walking around more than 20km with my cameras. Without any map.

Macau is a special administrative region of China after Portugal transferred sovereignty. The city's skyline is dominated with dozens of luxurious hotels with round-the-clock casinos. Historic ruins, churches, tavernas and cobbled streets preserve a slice of Europe in Asia. Seeing this peculiar amalgam of Portuguese and Chinese culture the result moments are unique. Despite Macau is far away from being a liveable city for me, it has its unique ways of doing things. I hit many moments, which thought or\and represented something about liveability. I preserved details of my own journey on this path.