Have you ever wondered?

Honestly, I was thinking a lot whether I should make this list or not. I was asking myself is it really necessary to repeat these informations?! We have been talking about it so much … but if I look around not so deeply there is a need for it, even just to summarize what is in front of us. Time is ticking. No place for ignorance, overlooking the connections. We have to wake up and do something or just do a little bit more to avoid the sad prediction of scientists. So, in the end I decided to collect a few documentaries with eye opening facts and researches, what I think everybody should watch at least once. Hopefully, these can give you a chance to rethink everything. It’s not about belief, it’s about facts...

The 11th Hour

Take a look. What are you seeing? Sickness, this world is absolutely insane...
What is the state of global environment? Under pressure by air and water pollution, global warming, deforestations, economic and population growth, activities such as agriculture, fisheries. These harm your and the environment’s life in a lot of ways. How does it look like? Why are we in the very last moment to change? Climate change affects temperature and increases the frequency of extreme weather events, it's getting hot everywhere, causing melting ice and snow. Loss of them have risen sea level and if no action taken million more people will lose their homes. Perhaps the most well seen witnesses are coming from earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions. These are just a few examples. It isn't personal enough? What about your welfare? Do you want to be healthy? Do you need food? I'm sure you do, but maybe you are not aware of those impact on these things. That is why we need to precisely identify people impacts on environment and how it affects everybody on Earth.
Where does it started? Who are we? How big is the damage what we have created already? We need to consider the future. It is our responsibility to change the way how we look at things. The Earth could survive, but we humans are on a high level of risk.  
What is the solution to create a sustainable future? What is the survival strategy? Stop for a moment and listen.

Racing Extinction

"Each year, about one in a million species should expire naturally. In the next few decades, we’ll be driving species to extinction a thousand times faster than they should be. It's like we're living in the age of dinosaurs, but we can do something about it."

We have to give a chance to recover.

Massive death started in marine environments. We taken to much out (overfishing) and into (pollution) the ocean. Evidence are clear and it is a big trouble. Why? This is coming back to us in different ways. Example: oceans produce 1/2 oxygen we breathe, so if it dies we die. That’s the truth not only a tagline. 
The rate of change that we're seeing in the ocean and the change that it's going to create in our food chain is gonna be dramatic, and it’s gonna be in our lifetimes. The things that we are used to eating may not be available anymore. A new trend start…

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

"The fact is that we could feed every human being on the planet today an adequate diet if we did no more than take the feed that we are feeding to animals and actually turn it into food for humans." 

Animal agriculture not only the number one contributor to human caused climate change it is also the leading cause of resource consumption and environmental degradation destroying the planet today. Raising animals for food consumes: - a third of all the planet’s fresh water (Note: 1 hamburger = showering of two entire months) - occupies up to 45% of the Earth’s land - is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction - is a leading cause of species extinction - ocean dead zones - habitat destruction. Produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, trucks, trains, boats, planes combined. Methane gas from livestock is 25 to 100 times more destructive than carbon dioxide from vehicles. 
Were you aware of this? If not how is it possible? Animal agriculture is one of the most powerful industries on the planet and one of the largest with the biggest environmental impact. Trying keep people in the dark how it is operating to save corporate profits.

You can produce more protein from plant-based sources than from meat. There is no way to support so huge amounts of meat eating. We don’t have enough world to produce the grain to generate that much meat. A plant based diet is the most sustainable, but I don’t expect everyone on the planet to give up all meat. I think it is unrealistic, but I do think we could understand that meat shouldn’t be something we have on as regular basis as we do have it. I ask only, just think about this fact: people could prevent millions of deaths, reduce climate change if they would choose vegan diet. What we eat influences the global environment and personal health…

Let’s see more what is going on…

Food does matter and we are what we eat. So it's time to get to know what is it exactly.
The way we eat has changed, but the image that’s used to sell the food, it is still the imagery of agrarian. You go into the supermarket and you see pictures of farmers, but there are no seasons anymore. Where our food is coming from?! How old is your food? The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you are eating because if you knew, you might not want to eat it. If you follow the food chain back from those packages you will find a very different reality…it’s a factory, not a farm. The food has become much more dangerous…this isn’t just about what we’re eating, this is about what we’re allowed to say, to know.

Once you start asking questions you can’t stop…

Got the Facts on Milk?

This documentary finds out so much about dairy industry. 
Addressing myth, truth and all in-between, of the much publicized health benefits of milk products with the help of doctors, scientists and researchers.
How do you create an iconic image? “Makes your bones strong. Prevents heart disease. Good for your skin. Stops cramps. Will build your muscles. Will get your teeth strong. Will get you tall.”
Does it really good for a human body? “75% of the world is lactose intolerant. If you’re not: you're a mutant.” Yet some researches has linked milk with: allergic reactions (acne, eczema), asthma, arthritis, cancer (breast, colon, prostate) osteoporosis.

Maybe you mixed up. This is the time to step outside the box, to make your own research…to take your health and life in control.

That Sugar Film

We have a primal desire for sweet.
With sugar now saturating our food supply and the constant confusion over its effects on our health, this documentary is a real way to get some answers. This experiment with the help of a team of experts finds out what sugar changes in the body, what does to you.
40 teaspoon of sugar what’s embedded in most of the processed food that most average people are eating a day. Do you think you are not? Ohh really? Are you eating every day your own food? From fresh ingredients? From a farmer market? No? Where are your ingredients coming from? From the supermarket?
You won’t need to touch perceived candy or junk food to get easily way too much of refined hidden sugars (sucrose and fructose). You just go to a supermarket and you’ll get it easily even from healthy foods and drinks. It is in everything under a range of seductive names, but equal effect on your health. The cocaine of the food world.

Food Matters

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

How does environment impact in our food? Are we killing the environment or is it killing us? What do we do with the soil, water and air? How much nutrition value are you getting from food? We take these things in our food! What we are eating and how we are producing it does really matter. Where is for example the calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron? They’re missing. The plants are deficient and weakened. Nearly everything that you’ll find in the shops, has been processed. If we eat commercial food we get empty but high in toxic ones. This is not healthy. So, how can we expect to have an enjoyable life in a body where you don’t put proper building materials?!
There are solutions. It’s just a values inversion. We should just take our money from short term values and invest it into our health, by the best high fiber diet ever. What are you waiting for? Go and eat good food!

Hungry for Change

Do you know how to take care of yourself? Maybe in this point its obvious: men-made foods are products, tricking you and your body with an empty promise. Keep eating and eating, but starving at the same time. The objective is to give you a product that will make you buy, to be healthy is not really the goal.
We are making a mistake, looking for a result in a wrong place, example just to look good. Not realizing the connection of inside and outside. It’s time to go back to basics and learn everything from the beginning.
What you are putting into your body? Its not just what you are eating, its also what’s eating you… Where are the things that mind and body craving? Don’t wait until you loose all of your self responsibility. 

Forks Over Knives

Have you heard about The China Study? If not, probably you should have a look at it ... just because:

"The China Study examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. The authors conclude that people who eat a whole-food, plant-based/vegan diet - avoiding all animal products, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases."


Are you scared enough? No?! Then have a look at this "horror". Hidden cameras footage about factory farming.

Environment, Food, Health. 
Your life, your present and future. It’s hard to actually target one thing, because you can’t separate them. You can’t separate them from yourself too. So stop ignoring. It’s not just our health that’s at risk. I don’t think one could be put above the other. It’d be foolish to try and single out any one of them to say this is how we’re gonna fix our and the planet problems. You cannot heal selectively. We need to fight them on all fronts.
How can a person make a difference? What kind of thing do you need to do?
You have the power of choice. You vote with your every action. If you truly heal, everything heals. Doing whatever possibly could to find a way for all of us to live together in balance, sustainably. We can’t afford keep doing the same mistakes what hasn’t been working properly. The small choices we make each day can lead to the kind of world that we all want for the future.
You have to walk the walk. Don’t hesitate to improve your lifestyle…that is the only way out.


Here are two more great documentaries which are "required viewing" regarding these topics:

Demain (Tomorrow)

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