Is slow travel what everyone is longing for?

Live slow. Travel slow.

Slow travel is a mindset, a philosophy you can incorporate into any trip. One that asks you to travel less to get more out of your journey, to travel with more awareness and more respect of your surroundings. Take the time to see what’s around you, to seek out the small things, to stop and process these experiences. Enjoy the place where you are before moving on. It is about the fun of foreign normality meanwhile it gives a better chance to understand the world and without even realising it, to grow ourselves.

Take it all in. Live a life more leisurely.

Leave time for the unexpected. Staying longer, throwing guidebooks to the wind, no set plan, no ideas, embrace the notion of wandering, heading in whichever direction the locals point across hidden gems. Move with the rhythm of local life. Where the choices are more conscious, the pace is more peaceful and the experiences are more experiential. End up in a place you never would have previously discovered. An opportunity to really get to know a small region intimately rather than scratching the surface of several destinations.

Simplify. Do what you need to do.

Freed from the pressure of ticking off all must-sees, you can actually relax a bit and enjoy your time. You can spend entire days doing pretty much nothing. Walk around, watch the world go by, daydream for hours or have mindful conversations. That's something people often reserve for resorts or retreats, but it's just as valuable and possible to do in a big city. You can still see sights of the traditional tourist path, but without any pressure they can leave you with a greater understanding. Whole new worlds reveal themselves when you've got nothing to do.

Make you feel at home, far away.

Slow travel, like slow living and slow food movement (born in Italy in the 80s) is based around the idea of authenticity. Travelling becomes a journey about getting to know yourself and others, about opening your eyes and heart to your surroundings. Savoring what a local area has to offer. People like to forget that travel (or life) is not a list-checking or selfie-snapping competition. All of the frenzied competitiveness distracts from the real value of the journey. Slow tourism encourages travellers to focus on quality over quantity, to disconnect, to slow things down and enjoy life. It’s almost an anti-performance, an anti-guilt kind of travel experience that gives you the freedom to do less or nothing. Do what you really need to do to get an appreciation for a different way of life. Seek opportunities to experience something real, true and authentic through your travels. Immersing yourself in the local landscape, the history and culture, the food and the people. “Live like a local”, “Eat local”, “Stay local” - adopting new rhythms of life and building genuine connections with locals become key ingredients of a successful slow travel journey. This way tourism money goes in the pockets of those who need them most.
Keep in mind that ecotourism and slow travel are two different styles but they work symbiotically. Slow tourism also comes with strong values of sustainability and a desire for a smaller ecological footprint. Pay a lot of attention to minimizing the impact on the natural environment and its habitats. Our ambitious aim is to define it as a positive agent for change.

Allow yourself to grow.

Travel could teach you a lot. It gives the opportunity to immerse ourselves in various lifestyles, coming face-to-face with cultures and mentalities very different than our own. Through interaction locals become as human as we are, rather than just walking symbols of their exotic culture. We are forced to confront our biases, fears, and anxieties. Unknowns start to dissolve in the face of positive stories and examples. A foreign country challenges you in many ways to step out of your comfort zone. It is a tool you could use to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, conclusions or judge so you can live a more flexible life. A life filled with conscious awareness, opportunities, freedom and happiness. Manifesting your travel dreams is a powerful thing, especially when you travel slowly enough to let the place become real. This leads to more real feelings, knowledge and concern about what happens around the world. Focus on the important parts of life: health, relationships, passions, growth, and contribution. Bigger personal investment in building meaningful daily life wherever you are.

At this time in Singapore… Living in the moment. Allowing the flow. Trusting the process.