Lisbon reflected in me 30 or more unique ways


I can fall in love with cities like somebody fall in love with people. I carry them and review them in a thousands of pictures. This gives me another chance to return to them whenever, wherever I want. 

We have a kind of little ritual during our travels. No matter at what time of the day and  how tired we arrive, we always take a short walk around our new hood just to feel that we are really there.

I try to act as if I lived in that city, but in the end they start to live in me, who wanders in my memory. 

This new photo story is to keep it simple. Sweet and short. 

“After all, the best way to travel is to feel.“ (Fernando Pessoa - Portuguese poet)

Let’s waste no time. Come along to feel the city in my way, like a first impression…

I’m in totally LOVE with Lisbon. 
Who would blame me?