Where is this unlimited charming image actually from?


… means the “beautifully/well designed”

The charm of this town is that it hasn’t been entirely taken over by tourism and it has developed into one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco.
Quick escape from the hustle of Marrakech, what is hugely exotic and exciting but, let’s face it, it can be a bit intense.

the endless (or just 50…) shades of blue

Medina is full of blue color and character.
One of the best things to do is to simply walk. Once you enter the UNESCO protected medina walls you can observe the infinitely buzzing Moroccan contemporary life...

the smells of meat, fish, mixed with aromas of spices and the sound of drums and Gnawa music from the little music shops fill the streets.

Essaouira’s souks are surprisingly quiet, exceptionally charming allowing you to explore with your other senses.  They are much more manageable for those who have lost themselves in the labyrinthine alleyways of Fez or Marrakech where haggling is an art and a way of life.

Today, music and art are two of the biggest draws throughout the year to this tranquil hub of Morocco. Several painters and sculptors call Essaouria home with some of the more popular artists featured in several stores and galleries scattered throughout the medina. And the arts scene is expanding…

seagulls soaring and screaming over the town... make a friendship with local “celebrities” … anyway it’s impossible to avoid them

There are many stunning riads (traditional town houses) within the walls, each with their own charms and panoramic views over the medina.

All roads south will take you to the fishing harbor which is just as busy as it always was...

weather-beaten men mend their vessels...

and seagulls swoop to steal whatever morsels they can.

Most people come to Essaouiria to enjoy its lengthy stretches of sandy beach. You can walk, swim or ride a camel or horse to explore.

Essaouira has been dubbed ‘Wind Capital City of Africa’ and attracts many windsurfers preparing to take on the waves.

Although, on less windy days, Essaouira is one of the more relaxed beaches in the country.

Take a stroll on the old Portuguese ramparts as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean.

Listen to the waves crash and watch as the world transforms into pink.