What about Marrakesh through its new exciting threads?


Looking for that gem hidden amongst the stones… in a city which is not known for the arts!

… museums

In the Medina, the Maison de la Photographie is a very interesting one. This museum dedicated to showcase impressive vintage photography of Morocco daily life. The collection displays famous and unknown photographers photos, glass negatives and documents from 1870-1950. Most works are reprints from original negatives, and if you’d like to buy any of them there are available for sale in the shop.

The exposed change permanently. The one currently exhibited is dedicated to Nicolas Muller.

Don't miss the museum’s rooftop terrace with a great view of the entire medina!

Have you known? The world’s largest freestanding photography museum prepares to open…
Not to be missed! 
The Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts (MMP+) temporary project space is inside the Badii Palace (UNESCO historical site) while the new designed permanent museum building in the historic Menara Gardens is constructed.

Now it has a changing roster of exhibitions the best Moroccan, North African and international photographers. With a rich program of education and cultural exchange.

Selfie is a participatory and evolving exhibition project that is part of the museum's series for interacting with the public. The aim is to break down the barriers between art, culture, and young audiences.

… Marrakech is full of hidden treasures. Contemporary artists and artisans offers a new kind of cultural excitement. If you know where to look… and appreciate modern art.

The city now has around 25 galleries, but David Bloch Gallery pushes the envelope the most. The focus is on Moroccan, French, North African and Middle Eastern up and coming street artists. 
Yassine Yaze Mekhnache’s first solo exhibition: The conference of the Birds. Tradition and modernity. The artist invites the viewer to a vibrant journey.  Through a series of thirty large cotton’s fabric traditionally weaved canvases by Moroccan embroideries, Indian silks and his energetic work.

Just go with the flow! Sometimes it’s good to walk with absolutely no plans and just know what feels right… and usually all will work out just fine.

Of course this is how we found Dar Bellarj (the Cultural Foundation to promote a lively and living Moroccan culture) and an exciting temporary exhibition by Féminin Pluriel.

This collective working for Social Design and Gender Equality with international artists and anonymous women of the Marrakech Medina. The purpose is to pay tribute to the talent of those women who carry out craft activities at home. As a result of the links between contemporary art and the centuries-old handicrafts of Marrakech: "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."

… cafés Café Clock is a lively one in the heart of the Marrakech Kasbah. Street arts, local artworks on the walls, vintage items…

This is a social hub of the emerging arts scene in the old city mixing traditional with modern and local with foreign. Arts, music, food set up to exchange culture. Storytelling, calligraphy, jam sessions and there is so much more… 

... the traditional spiritual music is known as Gnawa. Don't miss out on this unique cultural experience!

Café des Epices is now kind an obligatory stop. True, this is a good place for watching people in the medina.

Artworks just a plus: “stories of cities and other characters…"

Usugrow Japanese artist left his mark on the wall, too

… crafts
33 Rue Majorelle showcases emerging vibrant talents that exist in Morocco. Concept shop is dedicated to the union of contemporary design and Morocco’s centuries-old craftsmanship. 

Specializing in housewares and fashion