What can I tell you about Casablanca?


It can't compete to the exotic charms of other cities, but it represents Morocco on the move and has a modern swagger that is unseen in other parts of the country.

... changing planes or catch a train can be enough to decide deserves more time or not ...

„Miami of Morocco” is where the money is being made. It is the country’s industry and business capital.

Cosmopolitan and more open to Western ways than other places in the country.

The best spot to take in the art-deco sights is Boulevard Mohammed V.

The Medina district is a charming area and much smaller than those elsewhere.

Tourist sights and attractions may not be obvious, but you can find some gems if you dig a little deeper. Here, you are a treasure hunter.

Hassan II Mosque is on the top of the list on most sightseeing checklists.

... the second largest mosque in the world ...

... and the world's tallest minaret (210m high) ...