some things happen for a reason, others just come with the Season

change. changing seasons. changing lights. colors. forms. temperature. noises.
it is time. to make place for something new.
transition. transformation. transformative times. journey. something is going away but something is coming, even if you don’t acknowledge it. the endings are always the beginning of something else.

this time of the year fascinates me now more than ever. the aesthetic changes in nature. I consider myself a summer person so the transition into fall represents a tough time for me. I used to do my best to avoid all cold months. but now I decided to take this challenge, again. this time: living the season. do it better than ever. start to appreciate more and more. leave complaints out of my days. just be there. reflect on nature’s eternal rhythms. capture the transition from one season to another. enjoy it with all the senses. and live it. concentrate only on the good side of the unpredictable weather. seasons. observing the changing pattern of the year. they don’t last. everything is temporary, so it makes them more attractive. honor all aspects of the landscape.
a seasonal cycle give the years a rhythm. autumn is just about beginning… the loose of summer. it is a time to do different things. enjoy things in a different way. in the harmony of the nature’s expression. engage with these natural cycles. every season is a good season. brings its own gifts. I think I can honor this and creatively work with it. seeing everything that arises as workable. bring my awareness and compassion to full expression in this changing world.

constant change is inevitable. this is the only granted thing in the world. we can’t ignore it or avoid it. you can try but there is no point to do that. nothing is permanent or complete or perfect.
some things are out of your control and can’t helped. some life experiences are needed. to keep going.

This uneasiness comes over me from time to time, and I feel as if I’ve somehow been pieced together from two different puzzles.
— Haruki Murakami, Pinball, 1973
It’s a waste of time to think about things you can’t know, and things you can’t confirm even if you know them.
— Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

respect a certain structure for my experience. gain clarity about my habitual patterns. and work with these in new ways. discover a love for the four seasons.

most regions of Japan able to experience distinct Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It's a surprisingly common myth amongst the Japanese that Japan is the only country with four seasons. these are viewed as a unique and special aspect of their country. makes them proud
people honor the changes in the seasons. is a culture of active appreciation of them. each month has to offer something important. they make the most of each seasonal event. a plenty of Japanese aesthetic built on that. foods, drinks, celebrations, festivals, poems, literature. as an expression of the natural wonders.
this is a land with undying love for four season. appreciation of things because of their impermanence and imperfection. these two (aesthetic principle) inspires me to chase after the seasons that are to come.