- Acceptance -

We see what we want to see. There is no right way or wrong way. Each individual has his | her own unique journey. As you catch yourself judging, wishing for different - we all do it time to time - try another approach: accept and understand. It might lead to some interesting results.


- Begin -

Do Less Get More Done (DLGMD) is a visual platform to organize our sustainable travel | lifestyle experiences. Photo stories to express thoughts, inspirations and searching for ingredients of a meaningful life. Whether as local | expat | visitor | tourist | traveler | world citizen. Never stop questioning, opening up new doors. Feeding curiosity and encourage to take action to redefine everyday choices. Seeking for something true, real and good. Where there is no need to resign from passion and sacrifice something important for achieving something good. Doing less makes room, produces the energy and time to do researches and sustainable discoveries.


- Commitment -

to connecting the dots and to demonstrating an attention to


- Details  -

I like to focus on what truly matters to me. On topics based on various interests with never-ending curiosity and questioning everything. Analyzing every aspect of life. Experimenting with unavoidable essential. Eliminating unimportant and replacing with value-added.

each of my Photo Essays is a different explorement
with Lifestyle | Travel element(s)
experiment with label(s)
    Natural | Simple
    Local | Handmade | Recycled | Reclaimed
    Slow | Sustainable | Green | Ecological (Eco) | Organic
    Responsible | Ethical | Fair Trade | Conscious

and ingredient(s)
   Goods | Products | Art | Design | Services | Technologies 
based on
   Researches | Examples | Informations | Practices | Impressions | Reviews

It doesn't just want to be a platform or publication, but maybe even more. An honest guideline to help (for me | us) navigate. A database to assist in making informed and responsible everyday decisions. 


- Essence -

While facing challenges, change becomes inevitable.
Endless stream of tasks, informations, distractions from every corner of a modern life. Never pausing and never ending. When days are over, we are exhausted and often we have very little to show up for it. Is it really worth it? At this point the question has to get asked: What if we do less?

    with more focus on the goals. Eliminating the unnecessary, identifying the essential, 
    setting limits on having | producing | consuming | connecting
Do less
    letting go of any distraction to create space for quality over quantity
Do less, get 
    | achieve | create more meaningful value
Do less, get more done…
    to be present rather than just being busy and rushing through everything. Figure out
    what gives the most and the less harm, not only on personal level, but also to the
    It's all about taking small steps like...


- Food -

An essential and significant part of everyone’s life, can’t argue with that. On the other side, everyone should be more aware that what we eat has a big impact on our physical and psychological health. Choosing well can help prevent a lot of problems. 
Changing my diet has brought me improvement on many things, most importantly in maximizing my well-being. Though some habits remain, some change has been made, but it is a work in progress. 

Imagine watching yourself and | or your family, friends eat a meal you prepared or ordered that has the optimum nutritional value, free of anything else that's potentially harmful. We are striving for this but it has taken some time. There are a lot of conflicting informations out there about what meant by healthy and quality. Scaling foods that harm or heal, freeing ourselves from possessions we don't want or need is complicated and overwhelming. 

We are independent from health and food associations, institutes or ministries and we are not influenced by trends, religions or politics. Instead, we spend our time to get to know better the needs of our body type and our food feelings, being informed about where and how our food is produced. While actively supporting local trustful producers by buying their products, therefore becoming part of the integral production process. We believe everyone has an important role in this way and maybe small actions can one day reap big rewards.


- Good -

Goods. Products. Services. 
All around us, there are messages telling us to buy stuff. How to control impulse spending? There are basics what we actually need. What are those? What is truly necessary? 
I try to choose well all the time. Before I purchase I do research to answer the following questions: What’s it made from? How was it made? Who made it? Where? Is it built to last? 

So I ended up buying less and quality over quantity become a part of my decision making process. I also realized my passion about all things natural and doing less shopping caused an unavoidable effect to get more done for good. I automatically choose to engage with businesses locally | internationally, who share the same conscious philosophy and ethical values. And by using their products I automatically endorse their economy and community.
I don’t want to, in any way, influence someone to purchase anything what they don’t need or to create false needs. Or help promote an unsustainable culture of consumption.


- Happiness -

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” - Frederick Koenig

Buying things doesn’t solve our problems and none of them will bring happiness either, but many times we act as we’d be better with “more”. Sad thing is that it can take us decades of pursuing them before we realize we are unhappy, so we seek to increase happiness from external sources (food, shopping, smoking, drinking, partying, overwork and people). This is a very common pattern that most of us have and the pleasures we get from these are only temporary. Those things all are phenomena that happen outside of us, and they might be correlated with happiness but it’s not a cause-and-effect relationship.

We strive to find happiness. And yet, this search can be lifelong, especially if we look at it as something that will come once we achieve certain goals, but usually when we get them, instead of being happy, we are often looking forward to meeting our next goals. Happiness shouldn’t be something that happens to us in the future, maybe someday, if things go well. It should be here and now, who we are now, doing the things we’re doing and what we have now. And if we’re not with what makes us pleasure then we should take action to make that happen. I’m not one who believes everyone can be happy all the time, but much of the time. It takes some inner searching to find it. This means stripping away the fantasies, one by one, to see what’s already there and learning to be ok with what you find. 
Create your own source of built-in happiness, right now, all the time. It means finding joy in who you are, in your constant growth. The key skill is to learn to notice, accept and appreciate everything around us, and everyone we see and interact with its ever-changing state.

“Happiness is self-contentedness.” - Aristotle


- Invest -

Most of us are driven by the need or desire to improve ourselves, to fix certain things about ourselves that we don’t like. While that can definitely be a place for driving some changes, it’s not a good place to start from. Let’s say you fail in your habit change. Then you start to feel worse about yourself, and you’re then on a downward spiral. You start to sabotage your changes because based on past evidence, you don’t trust yourself that you can do it. If you start with the mindset of fixing what’s wrong with you, it doesn’t end once you have a successful change. You keep looking for what else is wrong with you, what else you need to improve. So this is a never-ending cycle for your entire life. If you start from a place of wanting to improve yourself and feeling stuck, even if you’re constantly successful and improving, you’re always looking for happiness from external sources. 

Our relationship with ourselves is like a relationship with anyone else. It’s hard to like someone you don’t trust, and it’s hard to like yourself if you don’t trust yourself.
Usually we compare ourselves to an unreal ideal, in all areas. One of the biggest source of discontent is comparing ourself to other people, or our life to what we see others doing. In reality, no one we see is what we think they are. So we’re comparing ourself to a fantasy, an illusion, and of course the reality of our life (and who we are) comes up wanting. Jealousy of others is a widespread phenomenon, and social media seems to increase the tendency in us. I think once we’ve learned to be content, we don’t need more. Simplicity means examining why we want more, and solving that issue at its root. I won’t claim I never want stuff. But while I am not immune to wants, I have learned to catch myself now and then, and to examine why I want something. 

Many times it seems that we’re never satisfied with people around us. They don’t behave how we want them to and we try to change them. That’s often at the root of relationship problems. Instead, we should learn to be content with the person we decide to spend time, just as they are. This isn’t always easy, as we are usually trained by well-intentioned but never-satisfied others around us to do just the opposite. However, you will only find trouble if you try to change people.
Discontented people tend to be complainers, or grumpy, or negative. That leads to problems: frustration, anger, irritation and being offended. We all have things to learn. We are all in the process, all the time, at different stages with different skills, but none of us has learned everything. And if we realize this, we can then be patient, after all, who can be expected to know everything and be perfect, right? You can let go of the worries about what other people think of you. In everyone’s life there are toxic people who constantly criticize you, tell you that you can’t do things, make you feel bad about yourself. Dealing with them is never easy, if nothing works cut them out. 

Almost every kind of problem we have stem from discontent with ourselves and our lives. Actually, contentment is something what we can do right now. It is a good place from which everyone can start making changes. Be satisfied with who you are, what you have, wherever you are, who you are with.


- Join the club -

There are great ways of feeling good, and of learning to pay attention to the things that will bring us a more constant happiness - to ourselves, and to everything around us. 

Meditation. I understand that many people are not into it, easy to dismiss it as “new agey” trend what’s not worthy of serious attention. I still don’t practice it as much as I should, but I know it has only great benefits. I realized it is not something complicated or difficult. It doesn’t require anything formal. Everyone can breath and it can be as simple as paying attention to breathing, anywhere at anytime. While sitting in the car or on the train, at the coffee shop or in the office, while walking, cooking, showering or brushing teeth. It can take just one or two minutes and help to relax.
It returns your mind to the present moment which helps to savor life, change habits, live simply and slowly. Actually, some of its best benefits are hard to define - you begin to understand yourself better. Most simply just a few minutes breathing and letting go your thoughts is an oasis of calm that we rarely find in our lives these days. 

For me another great way is Yoga. Yoga is moving meditation. My everyday balance. Of course, many people have the same feelings about it as about meditation. Became too trendy and worn-out. Anyway, if you aren’t drawn to it, try walking, running, cycling, swimming or doing any kind of exercise while trying to pay attention to your body and breath. Either way, see it as an opportunity to meditate as you move.


- Keep it up! -

Who among us can’t use a little more concentration and tranquility in life?
Investing in ourselves is the best investment we can ever make. The bad news about positive habits is that if we start to slip up, we’ll hit some bumps and things can slowly spiral downward. For example if someone is tired, can’t focus on an important work, doesn’t feel motivated to exercise or cook, in the end vegs out in comfort. This doesn’t lead to better energy the next days, but it does lead to feeling hopeless and out of control.

The good news about habits is that they can also spiral upward. If I take one positive step, like going for a walk, I start to feel pretty good. That gives the inspiration and motivation to be productive - then things start to spiral upward, and I feel like I am capable of change. Of course, I’ve experienced both kinds of spirals as well and have seen it on many other people. For me it’s been a big lesson to learn the skill of getting back on the path, taking a small steps, and correcting course. Downward spiral can be turned around, if one can find the tiniest motivation to make one simple change at a time. So keep it up developing habit skills!


- Learn -

As you take these steps, you’re not just making progress, you are learning too.

What is learning for? To understand ourselves? The world? To survive in the future? 
How to get prepared for the future? I've been always wondering about these questions. How do we know what skills we will need, what knowledge will be important, in 10 years, or 15?
I think to keep being open, to keep learning, to keep evolving and to keep adapting are getting more and more important nowadays. 

Going through the traditional school system was never my favourite thing as a kid, I’ve grown to realize that the whole system is upside down. Not the system of any particular state or nation, but system of education as a concept. It’s based on the idea that there is a small group of people in authority, who will tell you what to do and what you need to know, and you must follow this obediently, like robots. And you must not think for yourself, or try to do what you want to do, because that will be met with severe punishment. This is ideal if you’re going to be a corporate employee, and need certain skills in order to work for a corporation - mostly skills of obedience, actually. But this isn’t ideal for many people - including me - who are longing for creativity, freedom and self-actualisation.
Things are changing faster than ever before. Every month, new technology is announced that alters the way people work, or will work in the future, and we need to be able to learn and adapt to this ever-changing landscape. Humans are pretty adaptable creatures, inherently curious, and can learn without an authority, but the current school system tries to beat this down. It usually fails to some degree, but to the degree it succeeds - harms people. Schools fail not because they don’t impart knowledge or skills, but because they kill curiosity, smother excitement for learning and silence our desires to be independent, to think for ourselves, to learn about things that actually interest us. 


- Minimalism -

When I say “simplify life”, I mean cutting back on the complexity of what to do and what to own. A striking back against the growing complexity of the modern world, against consumerism, against the mindset that we need to buy to solve our problems, that we need more and bigger all the time. Against the idea that busier is better and that we must always be connected. Minimalism is basically an extension of simplicity - not only taking things from complex to simple, but to try to get rid of anything that’s unnecessary. All but the essential.
Of course, what is essential is subjective to everyone.

Minimalism is a tool to rid myself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important and as a Minimalist I try to search for happiness not through things, but through life itself.


- Now -

Minimalism can also help to live in the moment. To use the power of now. Easier said than done for sure. No one actually lives in the moment all the time - I don’t think it’s possible. For me it’s a continual learning process, to find the beauty, joy, and gratitude in the moment as it happens. To become more aware of the present, instead of always thinking about the past and the future.


- Opportunity - 

I’ve always had a desire to systematize my understandings and DLGMD is my opportunity and help to do so. My photos, interests, questions which sometimes come with my answers as well. Just another opportunity for others as well to get something from another point of view. 


- Photography -

I've always been a very visual person. As young as I can remember, I was fascinated by photographs. What I see in them is the magical ability to capture incredible little moments and details. I’ve always wanted to take photos but to be honest, in my childhood it had given me anxiety for a long time because I didn’t dare to shoot what I really wanted. Adults didn’t understand what is actually on my picture or why I took it and I just couldn’t explain it to them. I used to think of myself as creatively challenged. When photos become “free” with digital cameras finally I got a bigger space. Shooting for the pure joy of it and for myself became a huge thing for me. 

I’m an autodidact non-professional photo taker who is still learning how to use properly a camera. But as cliché as it sounds, it lets me simply take pictures without too much fuss. I don't think about it too much. I am alone with my intuition and instincts. I try to let my feelings lead me. Most things just happen. I look at photography as it is a sort of unique language that I can use to show people what moves me inside. 

I’ve always preferred to shoot things what I find compelling, interesting and different. I found inspiration much easier when I am in a foreign place. I've always been a big traveler, so it made sense to simply start bringing a camera along. I started to explore my own visual language capturing snapshots from different parts of the world. Seek the essence of a place, a unique character.

My approach has always been minimal as I like to challenge myself and see what I can create with as little as possible. A lot of my work is free of people, maybe this is the result of me being an introvert. I love landscapes | architecture - the spaces, shapes, angles and lines that things create. 
Little by little change came. Today it is not anymore only about travels. Looking into my lens changes my perception of living. I find myself drawn to all the senses of life and all the little details, moments that turn everyday journey into a unique experience. It motivates me to discover unfamiliar spaces in a place that I recognize as my home too. I also like to take the challenge to seek out a unique look at scenes that can easily be regarded as over-photographed or cliché, to quietly remind all of the importance of simplicity, identity, details and feelings. Showcasing the ordinary, the things we ignore and the things we miss. Capturing the life how I see it, how a place makes me feel like. This is my way to explore the world around me. 

"Do Less Get More Done" is a personal project for me where I document my own journey on this path. Yes, I’m selling my photos. If you would like to purchase any of them you can do it here. If you can’t find there your specific one please contact us and we'll get back to you.


- Question -

Often questions are the answers. Do you have any questions? If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us.


- Research -

It was a long way to see the world as I see it now (and I know there’s still a long way in front of me). I think reading, watching and listening with awareness is the key to everything. 
The easier it got to find informations, the harder it to got to find trustworthy sources. I am continuously doing my research. I’ve always enjoyed gathering of data, information, and facts for the advancement of my knowledge in topics which interests me. Each of my story is a new discovery on my research path.

In the future I’d like to share more often my methods, outcomes, and conclusions in the hope that it can help and save time for the better for everyone.


- Source -

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” - Thomas Berger

Or maybe “All knowledge is within us”? But we still need questions, at least for ourself...
Anyway, what do we ask questions about? Where do interest and passion come from? What is the source of it? What do they mean at all? 
This leads to the evergreen question: Are there coincidences? I think not, which means we must “follow our passion”, because there is a reason why we have it. But I do think it is a bad advice for many, as there are a lot of people who do not know what their passions are. I didn’t know. Most of us just do what we do.
Passion is something that should be cultivated. It is not something existing naturally. It takes commitment and planning to develop. A result of focusing down on a small number of things. Then it happens after we’ve put in the hours to really become good in our field and can then use it to really make an impact, to gain autonomy, to control our “professional” destiny.
So I think, “follow your interests” would be more appropriate to say, because they have a meaning. 
I have found the desire to do DLGMD and I just do it, keep doing it, then keep doing it some more.


- Travel -

Travel can mean many things. Everyone travels for their own reasons and it brings different effects to everyone. As I see the reasons and effects can be good, bad or meaningless, but I guess they must be inevitable.
I have lived my entire life on the move. Expat. Serial Expat. Location Independent. Perpetual traveler. Traveller. World traveller. Globetrotter. Wanderer. Tourist. Visitor. Labels for different approaches to give an explanation to different people. But I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere. Looking at life in a personalized way I decided to make the world my home without labels. As I’m always longing for freedom, independence, fulfillment and experiencing more and more. 

It took some time to realize that I am not trying to get away from anything. Not escaping but going on journeys of discovery. I go for the cultural and local experiences. I go to get inspired. To get out of comfort zone, to get closer to life and myself. Experiences, inside and outside. Step-by-step self-exploration journeys. 
The biggest impact travel can have is that it can broaden the mind, putting into perspective the idea of ‘me’ and the universe. Realizing that how small our planet is makes it easier to see that everything is connected to everything. Leaving no other choice but to be more conscious and appreciate more.

As travel (hopefully) creates a positive impact for ourselves, we should strive to do the same thing for the places we visit, but at least we must try to do the less harm. Responsible, green and eco-friendly labels shouldn’t be left out of consideration while visiting a new place. As we are living at a time when more and more people hit the road everyday than ever before, I think, everyone should become more aware of the impact of their experiences having on the planet. 

I believe in slow travel and probably it is that everyone should do. Trying to enjoy everything and every place the best way as possible, just as locals do. 


- Unique -

Unique...or shall I say different?! I don’t think so. I got it wrong for too long time myself as well.
Unique is being one of a kind. As we all are and everything else in the universe. A special thing, positively.
But different can be in either way, because it means being unlike others, indicating a dissimilarity, coming from the human mind, comparing, which is rarely good.
Not one single living creature makes difference between anything, but humans.

I thought for many years that being different is wrong, that differentness makes someone less. Because when you are thinking, feeling or doing something unlike others you have to explain yourself to them and I’ve had to explain myself more times than it is believable. My clothing, my eating habits, me doing yoga, etc...
But I got tired of it and I realized that it doesn’t matter anyway. I can do a monologue or just shrug my shoulders. So what? I am unique, just as you. And there is nothing more to say.


- Vegan | Vegetarian -

Just another thing that always requires an explanation. Just imagine all the typical questions from someone who just discovers the concept of a plant-only diet for the first time. Usually it gets awkward because on one side, people genuinely want to know the reasons why and how to do it, but if I launched into a full explanation, it’d kill the atmosphere.

I'm not saying everyone should go vegan | vegetarian. Somebody is a meat eater and somebody is not, but eating less meat can not only improve your own health, but also reduce your impact on climate change. You need to feel it and to do the right thing. In a responsible way! Plant-based …


- We -

We don’t often talk about ourselves and go into personal informations about our life. But here it goes...

Klaudia Nina.

World citizen. INFP.

Decided to take the courage to work deeply on issues that are important to her. Works on creating innovative storytelling about global issues, because people don’t talk about them enough and don’t see the connections between them. It’s important for her to do work that is meaningful. Looking for inspiration and new challenges all the time. And finding them. Extremely proactive, constantly coming up with her own new ideas. 

Probably too passionate about her projects. Used to be multi-tasking addict. Recovering Workaholic and Perfectionist. 

Do Less Get More Done. Founder. Writer. Canon & iPhone Visual Storyteller. Designer.

A former Economist. Marketing Manager. Travel and Tourism Professional… according to her academic degrees, in a 9-5 job.
Digital Nomad. Working remotely, while traveling. Location Independent.
Nomadic Photographer. Shooting for the pure joy of it.

Not many knows, but she is a certificated Yoga teacher and Meditation instructor. Considering herself a lifetime student of both.

Speaks Hungarian.
Loves Books.
Autodidact. Learning Psychology, Sociology. Sustainability, Responsibility. Culture. Art, Design. Photography. Healthy Lifestyle. Nutrition and Food. Ayurveda.

Has a Green Heart. Conscious consumer, who prefers the eco-friendly version of everything. Beauty. Fashion. Art. Design. Minimalism fan. Idealist with a vision for a greener, fairer, kinder world. Dreamer.

Critical, but nonjudgmental. Imperfect.



Same, same, 
but “different”…


Do Less Get More Done. Co-Founder. Co-Writer. shoots GoPro.


- xoxo -

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall


- You -

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